A lot of us are in survival mode at the moment. I’m definitely not doing anything creative, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

As a zinester with a chronic illness I send and receive quite a bit of post. I’ve been trying to think about how that contributes to our current situation, and cut down on my outgoing post considerably due to Covid-19. One thing I am doing is sending on letters and cards through Books Beyond Bars, full details here of how you can send a note to an LGBT+ prisoner today. If you have a little time and some stamps now would be a good time to send some love and solidarity.

You can download a PDF version of Queering Couch to 5k here. It’s a glorified playlist with some notes on balancing regular exercise with chronic pain. It was fun to put together and lots of people have got in touch since which has been sweet. Send it on to a friend!