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The brain in the sky will domino all of existence

What parallels of sound connect time-specific recordings created beneath the same lunar influence? Sofia Records’ Black Moon Waxing and Black Moon Waning bring together 28 tracks written and recorded under the black moon on the night of the 30th/31st August 2019.

The brain in the sky will domino all of existence (2:22) recorded with Julian Bradley appears as part of Black Moon Waxing, available here




Reading Room: meeting the universe halfway

A collection of five booklets that came out of a multi-sensory project steered by Harriet Plewis which attempted to make sense of a key text by theoretical physicist and feminist theorist Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway.

The volume contains a book describing the ideas, experiments and practices of expanded reading in reference to Barad’s text, and the remaining four booklets are workbooks, or manuals, to help people replicate or expand on the ideas themselves. Designed in collaboration with Sam Whetton and Harriet Plewis.


Reading Room: meeting the universe halfway
Perfect bound

Resources: Songs, Scores, Visualisations, Brain Interviews
Various pages (16-32pp)
Stapled pamphlets

Digital print
With foiled greyboards and rubber bands to hold together as a pack

Available to buy here



Loving Attention was a special all-day event at Tynseside Cinema on Sunday 19th May 2019, showcasing films developed by Harriet Plewis with Deborah Bower during the Reading Room project. These were punctuated by video works by The Otolith Group, Alex Martinis Roe, Anna Lucas and Rehana Zaman and group activities led by Harriet, expanding on and amplifying themes around life-wide learning. Harriet talks about the background of the project in more detail here



Something Good (2017)

A one-night only screening event that took place inside an installation of hanging oilcloth lengths. Featuring video work by Giles Bailey, Competition, Tim Croft, Mani Kambo, Kate Liston, Mathew Parkin, Nicola Singh, Cherry Styles and Karis Upton. Curated by Grace Denton.

An OUTPOST offsite event, Gildengate House, Norwich, Saturday 21st October 2017


Watch Undeserving suggestion (00:06:33) here