Synchronise Witches is a one woman run press and zine distro based in West Yorkshire, and home of the Chapess zine. Since starting the distro in earnest in 2012, I have set up Publishing Archive Huddersfield and am one of the small team running Salford Zine Library. For enquiries about wholesale orders, distribution or anything else drop me a line, for more info about what i do click here

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Feminist Print Network Consultation Survey v.1

The Feminist Print Network is looking to forge links with existing community groups, public archives and individual creative practitioners at all levels to open up the process of the group’s development and we’d love to hear from you.

We will start holding public meetings and consultations in 2018 to discuss how to take these observations and suggestions forward collectively. We’d love it if you’d stay in touch and join in with the organisational process, but there is no obligation to do so. All testimonies are of value. In addition to the survey you can also sign up to our newsletter here.