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The Chapess zine #4


“There’s a strange disconnect somewhere between Being Too Much and yet not Taking Up Enough Space, which sound like they should at least resemble each other, or that one should be en route to the other. I think that I am Too Much, and it feels like I am oozing all over the floor. I tell myself that I need to learn to Take Up Space, and Taking Up Space seems like it should look like something more solid, something that knows how to express its well-formed opinions calmly and yet with force.” – Aimee Wall

a special A4 edition of the Chapess zine produced for the Turn The Page Artists’ book fair, 18 contributors over 26 pages.

Aimee Wall, Alexis Gross, Kara Jesella, Sara Sutterlin, Daisy Lafarge, Liz Kinnamon, Stella Lueng, Sarah Todd, Grace Denton, Jesse Riggins, Lauren Crow, Charlotte Mellor Meecham, Alice Slater, Beth Maiden, Anneliese Mackintosh, Charly Morris, Hannah Buckman, Cherry Styles