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Gut Flora: a Chapess zine Collection — pre-order // second pressing


Selceted work from the first 9 issues of the Chapess + more!

A5, 200 pages with a cardboard cover
Books come with postcards + badges while stocks last!


Jane Chardiet
Brigid Deacon
Sara Sutterlin
Elizabeth Scott
Riese Bernard
Sofia Yuriko Baca
Aimee Wall
Lucia Canuto
Jane Bradley
Hira Mahmood
Julia Wohlstetter
Lou McQuillan
Eva Marie Nelson
Charlotte McHarg
Sarah Todd
Szilvia Molnar
Alicia Rodriguez
Victoria Manifold
Sahar Gilani
Sarah Zapata
Eleanor Bleier
Alexis Gross
Kara Jesella
Alison Rhea
Jessie Lynn McMains
Kesiena Boom
Dana Goldstein
Alyssa Rorke
Andrea Quinlan
Hannah Regel
Jolie M-A
Jocine Velasco
Maegan Hill-Carroll
Gabby Giuliano
Tracy Struck
Lily Myers
Daisy LaFarge
Grace Denton
Jessica Mendham
Iona Roisin
Elle-Beth Little
Sarah Hopp
Stacey-Marie Piotrowski
Emily Bueckert
Liz Kinnamon
Angharad Williams
Alanna McArdle
Katie Foster
Emma Woll-Wenzel
Morgan Sturgeon
Elizabeth Hall
The Struggals
Naomi Baguley
Heather Dunlop
Lydia B
Ingrid Boring
Em Ledger
Saffa Khan
Georgia Grace Gibson
Alba Yurela
Karen Isaac



The first run of these sold out much quicker than i expected! Eager to get more in circulation + send copies out to distributors worldwide! Every pre-order really is appreciated, hopefully after this pressing the book will be more readily available/self sustaining.

Huge thanks to u all for your support + patience.

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