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Bugbrain #2 by Melão Brando


‘There is a  certain ruthlessness about a recovering depressive, and like alcoholics we are never cured. It takes rigour. No sharp knives. No breakages of the skin. No baths after nightfall. No pockets. No rocks. You must learn to accept many things: that mornings are like this. That some days you will not leave the house. That a survey of 86,000 nurses over 20 years showed that those who drank no coffee were twice as likely to kill themselves as those who drank at least two cups per day. So you must drink coffee. You must avoid nurses. You must eat avocadoes. You must experience daylight. Because you have your likes and dislikes like everyone else, except every choice you make leads in a straight line to life, or to death.’  – Anne Enright

Melão Brando’s diary from spring to winter 2016, across Paris, Berlin, Oporto, Lisbon, Taipei and Leeds

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