Cherry Styles’ practise centres the history of self publishing and pamphleteering, and the gaps within our existing archives (both formal and otherwise.) By expanding our ideas of what self publishing can look like, across disciplines, and often outside of academic contexts her work interrogates how this informs our communities and in turn generates media of its own.

Since graduating from Norwich School of Art and Design in 2008 she has worked with young people in and out of education, and as such has built up a varied portfolio of freelance clients, allowing her  to utilise this experience alongside her art practise. In 2012 she set up Synchronise Witches Press, primarily to put own her own zine the Chapess. Since 2015 she has helped run Salford Zine library and after moving across the Pennines in October 2016 set up Publishing Archive Huddersfield, based at Kin studios.

Cherry is currently working with several young people’s arts organisations and taking on freelance publishing and community arts projects. Any enquiries, drop her a line below.